Monday, 29 September 2014

Internal Abdominal Obliques

Our obliques are part of our abdominal muscles. There are Internal and External obliques.
Today let's get to know the Internal!

Muscle Attachment point(s) :

Origin: Lateral 2/3 of the inguinal ligament, the iliac crest and the thoracolumbar fascia (connective tissue deep in the torso)

Insertion:  Internal surface of lower three ribs (10-12) and the abdominal aponeurosis

Muscle Action(s) :

-Unilaterally (one side only) : lateral flexion of spine to one side
                                             - also rotates spine to the same side

-Bilaterally (both sides -left & right together) : spinal flexion -
which is basically a sit up! Remember Rectus Abdominus ?

above: Lateral Flexion to one side. (In this case - to the right !)
aka Ipsi-lateral flexion
aka Side Flexion or 'C spine'

Above: Ispi Lateral Rotation of the spine
aka Lateral rotation to one side
aka "Spinal Twist to left or right"

Check out my video of the 6 movements of the spine for a
closer look at the above mentioned spine movements!

And stay tuned for a blog post that will really break down the 6 movements of the spine in further detail :)