Monday, 6 October 2014

External Abdominal Obliques -abdominal group

Last week we covered the Internal Abdominal Obliques
and today we're talking  EXTERNAL Abdominal Obliques.

Just like Internal - the External obliques live on an angle next door to 
the main abs (rectus abdominus)

Muscle Attachments Points

Origin: Anterior Iliac Crest , the pubic bone and the abdominal aponeurosis.
(Hip and pubic bone - and abdominal connective tissue)

Insertion:  Ribs 5-12 (aka - the lower eight ribs)

External Oblique Muscle Action(s)

Unilaterally (one side only) : a) lateral flexion of spine to one side
                                              also b) rotates spine to the opposite side (contra-lateral rotation)

Bilaterally (both sides -left & right together) :
c) spinal flexion -
which is basically a sit up! Remember Rectus Abdominus ?

above: Lateral Flexion to one side. (In this case - to the right !)
aka Ipsi-lateral flexion
aka Side Flexion or 'C spine'

above: (b) Contral Lateral Rotation.
 Basically sitting up and twisting to the opposite side.
aka Spinal Twist
Check out my video of the 6 movements of the spine for a
closer look at the above mentioned spine movements!

yes ! there's still ONE more abdominal muscle to go - what could it be? Until next Monday!