Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Folk Fest Roundup

(option to play music to scroll photos to!)

Hey Rosetta ! Is a 7 piece band from the East Coast - they stepped up when another band had to cancel last minute - and they owned it - enjoy!

Free Shows at Vendors Row!
Smiles and music and dancing!
Twinkly lights and tons of blankets!
Tea lights and lavender and eucalyptus in the air!

  Folk Fest was a lot of fun :)
And cold ! And rainy ! But most of all there was a sense of community that
is just so energizing!

  I shared "The Therapy Tent" with Andrea of Natural Wisdom and Peter of Ear Peace.  
We dubbed ourselves "your festival survival kit" :

Providing rest and relaxation (Massage Therapy and Reflexology),  a natural skin care line offering protection from the elements, and awesome ear protection that saves your ears but maintains the quality of sound - Bam! We took care of everyone and each other in between :)

And that wraps up festival season -
What a Summer!
And Happy first Day of Autumn everyone!

Take this time to have a hot epsom salt bath,
cook comfort food, and nurture yourself during this season of