Monday, 21 September 2015

Plantaris - a lower leg muscle

Which muscle has the LONGEST tendon? I know you've always wanted to know right? It's

PLANTARIS - a lower leg muscle of the superficial posterior compartment
 (aka lives on the back closer to the surface)

Plantaris is also basically the 'sister muscle' of palmaris longus of the forearm, in that they both have that short muscle belly that turns into a long skinny tendon once it crosses the joint.
Plantaris Muscle Attachments
ORIGIN:  the distal lateral supracondylar line AND the lateral condyle of the FEMUR 
(on the back/outside edge of the thigh bone, just above the knee)

INSERTION:  calcaneus (heel bone)

Plantaris has a short muscle belly  but the longest tendon in the body! 
The muscle belly basically lives between the two gastrocnemius heads
once plantaris muscle crosses the knee joint - the muscle turns into a long skinny tendon that legit runs down the entire length of you lower leg and attaching onto the calcaneus

Plantaris Muscle Actions:
a) plantarflexion of the foot at the ankle joint
b) flexion of the leg at the knee joint

a) plantar flexion of the foot at the ankle joint

b) knee flexion

another lower leg muscle next week! we'll be moving into the 'anterior compartment'

and also...

doesn't Plantaris sound like the name of a metal band?