Monday, 28 September 2015

Fibularis Longus - lateral compartment of lower leg

We've covered all the posterior lower leg muscles (on the back) NOW its time to most to the outside edge (aka LATERAL) on our way to the Anterior (front) compartment.
Today we'll be covering FIBULARIS LONGUS of the lateral compartment.
FIBULARIS:  referring to the lateral lower leg bone the FIBULA
LONGUS: remember that whenever a muscle includes the name "longus" there is a high chance that there is a very similar shorter version nearby.
To make this more fun, the fibularis muscle(s) are also known as the Perroneals, with fibularis longus aka "peroneus longus"
Fibularis Muscle Attachment Points:
ORIGIN:  Head of the Fibula & the lateral proximal half of the lateral fibula:
(head aka 'bony bump' at the top of the fibula bone & the top half (closest to the knee) of the outside edge of the fibula bone.)
INSERTION:  1st cuneiform and 1st metatarsal
(foot bones on the big toe side of the foot) approx. where your foot arch* is!
Whave two lower leg bones, the larger one is called the tibia. The smaller one is the fibula - and what would help me remember that is that a "fib" is a "small" lie ;)
*Fibularis is known as a "stirrup" muscle because its tendon crosses underneath the foot and supports the *medial longitudinal arch of the foot
Fibularis Muscle Actions:
a) Eversion of the foot at the ankle joint
 I find this muscle to be notoriously weak on most people - in which case they should be doing more of the above action :)

b) assists in Plantarflexion of the foot at the anklejoint
remember STIRRUP leggings though.....?