Monday, 11 May 2015

Superior Gemellus: 1 of SIX (deep) Lateral Rotators of the Hip

We're back with our 2nd of SIX deep lateral rotators of the hip!
Last week we started with INFERIOR Gemellus & today we will be talking about 

Six deep Lateral Rotators of the Hip: 1. Piriformis 2. Superior Gemellus 3. Obturator Internus 4. Inferior Gemellus  5. Obturator Externus 6. Quadratus Femoris

Superior Gemellus

 Superior: meaning "above" (and also a hint that there may be an "inferior" version of this muscle)
Gemellus : Latin root for 'born together' or 'twins' (another hint that this muscle has another version, a buddy!

Superior Gemellus Muscle Attachment Points

Origin: Ischial Spine
Insertion: Greater Trochanter of the femur 

 Superior Gemellus Muscle Actions

Lateral Rotation (aka external rotation)
of the thigh (femur bone) at the Hip Joint 

What Lateral Rotation looks like (standing) 




Next week we'll discuss which hip rotator lives sandwiched in between the Gemelli !: