Monday, 4 May 2015

Inferior Gemellus - 1 of 6 HIP Lateral Rotators

We're still in the hip!
So we've covered the three Glutes (or - gluteals ) but underneath them live SIX small muscles that sit  deep & horizontally and all do the same action - starting with: Inferior Gemellus! read on ! 

Love this drawing of Inferior Gemellus by "Rasche" who I couldn't find anywhere online but this image links back to Michigan University.

Inferior: meaning "below" (and also a hint that there may be "superior" version of this muscle)
Gemellus : Latin root for 'born together' or 'twins' (another hint that this muscle has another version, a buddy -also.. Gem > Gemini > twins?!


 Inferior Gemellus Muscle Attachment Points

Origin: Ischial Tuberosity (the upper portion)
Insertion: Greater Trochanter of the femur (the upper border)

 Inferior Gemellus Muscle Actions

Lateral Rotation (aka external rotation)
of the thigh (femur bone) at the Hip Joint

What Lateral Rotation looks like (standing) 


 I'll leave you with this - because I can't Gemellus without thinking