Monday, 24 November 2014

Let's get deep: Intertransversarii & Interspinalis

These next two back (spine) muscles are deep and really hard to access!

                Inter = between                 Tranversarii = refers to the transverse processes!

These little muscles live between the transverse processes (TVPS)* These are the deepest muscles in the cervical*  and lumbar* spine. (they are not in the thoracic spine!)

* see "breaking down the spine"  for a visual of : tranverse processes, spinous processes (SPs) cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine.

Muscle Attachments - Origin & Insertion:

Cervical Spine: spans the TVPs C2- C7
Lumbar Spine:  spans TVPs of L1-L5

Muscle Actions:

Unilaterally (one side of spine only): laterally flexes the vertebral column to the same side
Bilaterally (both sides) : extends the vertebral column

Lateral Flexion (aka side flexion - aka 'c-spine') 
Spine Extension!

Inter = between                  spinalis = referring to spinous processes !

these lil' muscles live between the spinous processes in the cervical and lumbar areas of the spine -  Like the intertransversii above, these muscles are too deep to isolate!

Origin & Insertion:

Cervical:  spanning SPs C2 -T3
Lumbar: spanning SPs of T12- L5

Muscle Action:

extends the spine !

That's it for back muscles!
Hips & Legs are next :)