Friday, 28 November 2014

History of Reflexology Part Deux

1913-20   American Physician Dr. William Fitzgerald wrote about 10 vertical lines that extend across the body from head to toe!  He discovered that the application of pressure to a specific zone would provide pain relief to its corresponding area of injury! This development was called: 'Zone Therapy'

It is indicated that Dr. Fitzgerald was influenced by both European and American First Nations foot and bodywork traditions.

Dr.William Fitzgerald

1920-30  US Doctor's White & Riley develop a pressure technique called 'hook work' and Riley and his wife Elizabeth create the first feet and ear reflexology charts.

1930-38 Dr. Riley's assistant Eunice Ingham further developed Zone Therapy by recording the relationship between reflex areas AND zones. Eunice refined Zone Therapy into the Reflexology we know today.

Eunice Ingham

She is said to have "taken back reflexology from the medical profession and returned it to the people" and is dubbed 'the mother of Reflexology' . 

Eunice wrote the book "Stories the Feet Can Tell"

1966-74 One of Eunice's students Doreen Bayly, brought her Reflexology practice and teachings to the UK.  And German Reflexologist Hanne Marquardt (who also studied with Eunice) 
was the first practitioner in Germany to work with pressure therapy on the feet only.  She published the book 'Zone Therapy of the Feet'

mid 1970's  Eunice's nephew Dwight Byers founded the International Institute of Reflexology and continues to promote the Ingham Method of Reflexology throughout the world.

Byers wrote  "Better Health with Foot Reflexology:  The Original Ingham Method" a well-known book in the field.

Dwight Byers!

1984 In the UK : The Association of Reflexologists is founded.

1995 In Ottawa (Ontario Canada!) the School of Complementary Therapies  (SCT) introduces its Holistic Foot Reflexology Certificate Course training program.  SCT is formerly known as "Fairbrass School of Complementary Therapies" and is one of the founding members of the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario. (RRCO)

Jacqueline Fairbrass - founder of SCT

- RRCO brings together six leading organizations in the field of Reflexology across Canada. Together they form a united organization to gain professional recognition in Ontario and Canada for practicing Reflexologists.

1998  RRCO begins registering process and the trademark desigantion RRPr (Registered Reflexology Practitioner) is a Canadian Federally registered legal designation recognized throughout the world.

2014  Christine Northan RMT (that's me!) meets Wendy Greene (of the SCT) at Bluesfest in the Wellness Tent at Volunteer Village.  She is intrigued by Foot Reflexology and begins her studies with Wendy to become a Certified Foot Reflexologist. Christine is currently over 3/4 done her 60 hours of case studies and plans to officially offer her services at Sage Wellness in the New Year.
Wendy Greene treating Mayor Jim Watson!