Monday, 8 September 2014

Rectus Abdominus - Abdominal Group

Probably the most popular of the abdominal group!

When you think of your 'abs' - do we not all think of Rectus Abdominus first - aka "the six pack"
(and sometimes eight pack!)

 left image of abs c/o

Muscle Attachment Points

Origin: pubic crest and the pubic symphysis
 (where your tummy/stomach ends and your pelvis starts!)

 Insertion:  ribs 5-7 and the sternum* (aka breastbone)

*more specifically, the lil' bone at the bottom of the sternum : 
the xyphoid process - you know, that bump feels uncomfortable to press on? don't do it!

Sit-ups anyone?

Muscle Action (s)

Flexion of the trunk at the spinal joints
an example of this is a good ol' fashioned sit up!

Rectus Abdominus is also what helps to make up our "core" - strong 
abs = good posture = happy spine = happy life ! 

Try it now!

a) sit tall - gently squeezing your tummy tight back in towards your spine (aka - activating your abdominals) - notice how your pelvis rotates, you're sitting taller, causing a beautiful chain reaction of good posture right up into your chest shoulders..?)

b) now totally let go - relaxing all stomach muscles -
can you feel the difference a strong core makes?

'washboard abs' image c/o
There are few more abdominal muscles to cover so remember the next time you hear 'abdominals' - it's so much more than just the '6 pack abs' - stayyy tuned!

And speaking of six pack abs.....

there are a frightening amount of  '6pack o' beer' stomach tattoos out there...thanks internet!