Thursday, 28 August 2014

Free Yoga - Summer in the City !

I'm feeling blissed out and energized ya'll !
My friend and amazing Yoga teach Edith Parinas 
led today's noon hour Yoga class at Parliament Hill today.

She asked me to be one of her 'demo bodies' which means you are an example up at the front for all to see! I like to close my eyes, focus on the instructions, breathe, and stay within my own personal limits :) I was along side a few demo bodies - we were all at a different level which I thought was a great example for everyone!  *remember ya'll "Comparison Steals Joy!"*

 everyone arriving and getting settled!

It's no secret that Yoga classes in studio aren't the cheapest!  So it's days like this that I am grateful for the free experience. Practicing along side like-minded folk AND it's fun to see all the Parliament Hill tourists watching and snapping photos. And I will never grow tired of how positive I feel before vs after practicing Yoga. (how was I even walking around like that before ?! ;)

Looks like I was being a bit of tourist myself !

 Here is a link from an Ottawa Citizen article from May - with much more professional looking photos and video !

Parliament Hill Yoga
Wednesdays at Noon

City Hall Yoga
Tuesdays at Noon

Have you ever been to either of the above? Did you enjoy and would you go again?
Maybe I'll see ya!