Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Masseter Muscle

The masseter is one of your main chewing muscles.  Actually, it is the strongest
muscle in your body relative to its size - Chomp!

The masseter attaches just under your cheekbone - right down to the angle of your jaw.
It is responsible for moving your jaw in a few directions - mainly raising your jaw (clenching, chewing)
If you're prone to teeth grinding or clenching your jaw in your sleep (over even sometimes during the day!) you could probably use a masseter massage - which we can access from outside or inside your mouth (with a glove of course)
- a secret hidden area of tension for sure!  

To feel Masseter: 
simply place your hand gently between your cheekbone and the bottom angle of your jaw bone.  With your mouth closed, gently clench your teeth together and feel Masseter contract!

To stretch Masseter:
slowly open your mouth and lower your jaw comfortably, holding and breathing                          for 15-30 seconds
- should not ever feel painful - always back out slowly should discomfort arise :) A great stretch to practice in the morning as some of us tend to clench or grind our teeth through the night!

* Read Me before your stretch *