Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Occipitofrontalis Muscle

Occipitofrontalis covers our head and is actually more like two different muscles - connected by a broad sheath of connective tissue called "galea aponeurotica"Te muscle belly on the forehead is referred to as frontalis, and the muscle belly on the back of the skull is called occipitalis!

Frontalis + galea aponeurotica + occipitalis = occipitofrontalis!
Occipitofrontalis helps to raise our brows so without it - perhaps we'd never look as surprised !

As you may have already guessed - there isn't really a way to stretch occipitofrontalis but! - be sure to ask your massage therapist to include a little scalp massage at the end of your treatment - BLISS ! Occipitofrontalis can be a hidden area of tension and often overlooked.