Monday, 9 November 2015

Extensor Digitorum Brevis

Extensor:  this muscle performs the act of 'extension'

Digitorum: referring to digits (toes or fingers)

Brevis: meaning 'short' - hinting that there is a longer version of this muscle 

NOT to be confused with Extensor Digitorum of the wrist :)

Extensor Digitorum Muscle Attachment Points:

Origin:  Dorsal surface of the calcaneus 
Insertion: Toes 2-4 

this muscle can be felt on the top of your foot - aka 'dorsal surface' close to the ankle - with its long skinny tendons extending to middle three toes.

dorsal surface of calcaneus refers to the 'top' (closer to ankle) whereas the plantar surface of the calcaneus would be the bottom of your heel.

Extensor Digitorum Muscle ACTION:

extension of toes 2-4 at the MTP*, PI* & DIP* joints

extending the toes means to lift them - so if you were standing, toes would aim towards the sky :)

*MTP: Metatarsal-phalangeal joint
*PI : proximal inter-phalangeal joint
*DIP: distal interphalangeal joint

me pointing at Extensor Digitorum muscle belly whilst extending toes 

next week = sister muscle Extensor Digitorum Longus :)