Monday, 31 August 2015

SOLEUS - lower leg muscle

We're still on the back of the lower leg,  getting into the more "superficial" ones now 
(ie - not as deep as tibialis posterior, and Tom, Dick, and Harry. :) 

The bulk of the muscle on the posterior leg that we see is mostly due to two muscles: Gastrocnemius (aka Gastrocs) & Soleus. I think that when most people refer to their 'calf muscles' - they are referring to Gastrocs & Soleus.

Soleus & Gastrocnemius are like bestfriends - together forming what is called "triceps surae" - both attaching to the achilles tendon on the back of your ankle.
Soleus is deeper, living underneath Gastrocs. But more on the Gastrocs NEXT week today is all about SOLEUS. 

SOLEUS Muscle Attachments:

Origin:  Head of Fibula & the proximal 1/3 of the fibula & the soleal line of the tibia

Insertion:  Calcaneus (aka heel bone)  via the Calcaneal tendon (aka Achilles tendon) 

SOLEUS muscle action:

plantarflexion of the foot at the ankle joint

flexes the foot to point the toes downward 

Did you know that Soleus translates to "fish belly" ? The muscle itself is kind of shaped like one I guess ;) Soleus is also a thick muscle responsible for the contours of the gastrocs being so visible..

 "behind every great gastrocs is a great soleus" 

And speaking of Sole...

Soul Train anyone...?

Rosie Perez on Soul Train

and who could forget Ursula and her "poor unfortunate soulsssss"...

Tune in next Monday for the other half  of 'triceps surae' - GASTROCNEMIUS (aka Gastrocs)

K bye!