Monday, 8 June 2015

Obturator EXTERNUS: one of Six hip Lateral Rotators

We're back with another hip rotator ! Another "Obturator"! Last week was Internus, this week:
Obturator Externus

 Obturator Externus Muscle Attachment Points

Origin: Superior and Inferior Rami of Pubis
Insertion: Trochanteric fossa of femur

Obturator Externus Muscle Action:

Lateral Rotation of the the thigh @ the hip joint (aka - laterally rotates the hip)

Standing Lateral Rotation -aka- External rotation

This is fun ! Play with Lateral (and Medial!) hip rotation yourself! 

Obturator Externus is one of Six deep Hip Lateral rotators. 
(which we've covered!) 
and only two more to go! : Quadratus Femoris & Piriformis !


until next week! take it easy.....