Monday, 20 April 2015

Gluteus MEDIUS (2 of 3 glute muscles)

Gluteus Medius or "glute med" (pronounced: "meed") for short - is like a bigger version of last week's Gluteus Minimus. 

'Glute Med' lives on your outer hip - if you were to put your hand on your hip, there's a good chance your thumb will be resting on 'Glute Med'.

Gluteus Minimus Muscle Attachment Points:

Origin:  between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines 
Insertion:  greater trochanter of the femur


Ever feel achy or pain in this area? I see Glute Med weakiness & tightness so very often! It often plays a role in low back pain or even leg injury - you see Glute Med is a Stabilizer muscle. We want it to be happy and STRONG to support our hips and help us use our legs properly - therefore lowering the chances of hip, knee, or ankle injuries!

 TRY my favourite (and most simple)
Gluteus Medius strengthening pose:

Fire Hydrant 
(can you guess why it's called that?)

 What he's doing here is Abduction of the thigh @ the hip joint, which is the main action of
 Glute Med.  He is doing it on all fours - but note that for my example gif below I am showing the standing version of Abduction.

Gluteus MEDIUS Muscle ACTIONS:

Just like Gluteus Minimus,  Glute Med's shape is triangular - just like the Deltoid muscle of the shoulder! Glute Med has 3 different fiber directions just like the Deltoid muscle of your arm! Therefore the actions are quite similar - pulling the femur (thighbone) in multiple directions!

The entire muscle (all fiber directions together) ABDUCT the thigh at the hip joint
The Anterior fibers assist in:  FLEXION & MEDIAL ROTATION of the thigh @ the hip joint

The Posterior fibers assist in EXTENSION & LATERAL ROTATION of the thigh @ the hip joint.

LATERAL ROTATION of Thigh @ Hip Joint
(aka external rotation)


Next week : Gluteus MAXIMUS!