Monday, 16 February 2015

Vastus Lateralis - 1 of 4 QUADS

Today we're talkin' VASTUS LATERALIS - this thigh muscle owns your lateral femur (thigh bone). Lateral means 'furthest away from the mid-line of the body -or- "outside edge".  
Vastus Lateralis lives next door to one of the hamstrings (biceps femoris- coming soon!) 
- it also lives beneath the IT band.

Muscle Attachment Points

Origin: lateral lip of the linea aspera, gluteal tuberosity*
(*see blue areas on image below)
Insertion: tibial tuberosity(via the patellar ligament/tendon**)
**sometimes you'll hear Patellar Ligament and sometimes you'll hear Patellar Tendon.  They are one in the same:  while all four quad muscles turn into the patellar tendon  (tendons connect muscle to bone) it is ALSO considered a Ligament because it attaches bone to bone: attaching the patella (knee cap) to the tibia (lower leg bone).

Muscle Action:
Extends the leg @ the knee joint
- aka tibio-femoral joint - where femur(thighbone) meets tibia (lower leg bone

 Here is some impressive upside down Leg Extension :

ONE MORE QUAD to go! Saving my favourite for last: Rectus Femoris
(the only quad to cross BOTH the knee joint AND the Hip Joint :)