Monday, 12 January 2015

Pectinius (1 of 5 Adductor Muscles)

We're back with another Hip/Leg ADDUCTOR! 

And its name is PECTINEUS and it lives on the front inner thigh - close the groin.
Pectineus is shorter than the other adductors.
The leg adductors all live close to the inner thigh/groin area so are often referred to as 'groin muscles'.

I remember hearing about 'torn/pulled groins' in hockey for example and remember being confused like WHAT is a groin muscle! and does it have anything to do with the penis (no, no it doesn't)
Live n' Learn!

Muscle Attachment(s):
  Origin: Pectineal line of the pubis
Insertion: Pectineal line of the femur

Muscle Action(s):
a) Adduction of the thigh @ the hip joint
b) Flexion
of the thigh at the hip joint

ADDUCTION is to bring the leg towards (and/or across) the mid-line of the body.

HIP FLEXION: knee towards chest

The OTHER Adductors are: Gracilis, Adductor Longus,  Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus