Monday, 26 January 2015

Adductor Magnus - 1 of 5 Leg Adductors

 This is the last of the 5 Leg adductor muscles! 
ADDUCTOR MAGNUS aka "the 4th hamstring"

Why the 4th hamstring? Because your three hamstrings all originate from the same place on your pelvis: the ischial tuberosity. And one of the origins of Adductor Magnus is.....the ischial tuberosity (aka 'sits bone' - you know that bony bump you feel in each butt cheek when you sit? Or more obviously, when a child sits on your lap?)


Adductor Magnus is ALSO the only Adductor  muscle to ALSO perfom the muscle action of LEG EXTENSION - like it's friends the Hamstrings! (hamstrings coming soon to muscle monday!)

Muscle Attachment Points:

 Adductor Magnus has TWO points of origin ( aka two 'heads' - holy magnus! One origin is more anterior - closer to front of thigh - and one is more posterior) and TWO points of insertion on the femur (thigh bone)

 Origin:  anterior head:  inferior ramus* of pubis, and the ramus of ischium 
(see the pink area of the pelvis above - the first image)

post head: ischial tuberosity (see yellow area on pelvis - aka sits bone!)

Insertion:  anterior head: gluteal tuberosity, linea aspera & the medial supracondylar line of the femur ((all fancy for 'various bony lines and bony bump on the inner thigh bone))

posterior head:  adductor tubercle* of the femur

 *In Latin ramus refers to a branch. For example the ramus of pubis is the branch (extension) of the pubic bone.

* tubercle just means bony bump where muscle attaches 

Adductor Magnus Muscle Action (s):

Adduction of the thigh/leg at the hip joint
Extension of the the thigh/leg at the hip joint

We all know Adduction now right? (bring the leg toward/across the midline of the body) :

And here is Extension:

And that's all the ADDUCTORS!!!
The other Hip/Leg Adductors are: Pectineus, Gracilis, Adductor Longus, and Adductor Brevis.

Moving on down the leg! Can't decide between quads or hams - stayyyyy tuned!