Monday, 8 December 2014

TFL: Tensor Fasciae Latae

This little muscle (just three fingers wide!)  lives on the front of you hip - kindof where your front pocket would be.  Called TFL for short is one of two muscles that attach to the IT Band.  
Your IT Band (IlioTibial Band) is a thickening of the fascia (a long band of connective tissue) on the outside of your thigh. 

TFL Muscle Attachment points:

Origin:  Anterior Superior Iliac Crest (ASIS)*
Insertion: Iliotibial Band (ITB)**

*The ASIS is a bony bump on the front of your hip bone. Like if you were to put your hand on your hip your middle finger may end up touching the ASIS :)

** The ITBand is notoriously tight on everyone as it is put into a shortened state in the seated position. It starts on the Iliac crest (ASIS) crosses the hip joint AND the knee joint - attaching onto one of the lower leg bones - the Tibia. Now you see how it gets its name: Ilio-Tibial Band!  
A tight ITB and result in either hip and/or knee pain

TFL Muscle Actions:

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Flexion of the thigh @the hip joint
Medial Rotation of the thigh @the hip joint
Abduction of the thigh @the hip joint

TFL in action!

Also did you know that TFL also stands for :