Monday, 22 December 2014

Adductor Longus - 1 of 5 Leg adductor muscles

Adductor: this muscle performs the action of Adduction.
Longus: there is most likely a shorter version of this muscle ;) 'brevis'

There are five muscles that adduct the leg. Adduction is the opposite of aBduction - which means to take a limb away from the midline (center) of the body. Abduct = takeaway.
So Adduction means to take the limb towards/across the midline of the body.

Adductor Longus attachment points:

Origin: Anterior body of pubis*
Insertion: Middle 1/3 of the linea aspera of the femur*

*this red area shows the linea aspera of the femur.
 *pubis bone is at the front of the pelvis, where the two hip bones meet. 

both bone images c/o wikipedia

 Muscle Actions:

Adduction of thigh @ the hip joint
Flexion of the thigh @ the hip joint

The OTHER Adductors are: Gracilis, Pectinius,  Adductor Brevis, Adductor Magnus
Stay tuned as we cover the remaining thigh adductors over the next few weeks :)