Monday, 3 November 2014


Inter: between
Costals: ribs

Your intercostals are the muscles in between your ribs 
that help us to breathe and also stabilize the rib cage.

For meat-eaters - these little in-betweeners are 
aka: "the meat on your pork spare ribs"

Intercostals are divided into two groups:  
External and Internal Intercostals

The fiber direction of these muscles are similar to 
the internal and external obliques (abdominal muscles) 

Muscle attachment points:

Origin: Inferior (bottom) border of the rib above
Insertion: Superior (top) border of the rib below

Muscle Action:

Internal intercostals: help you to exhale by drawing the ribs down, squeezing air and decreasing the space of the thoracic cavity (chest/torso)

External intercostals:  help with inhalation by drawing ribs up -  increasing the space in the thoracic cavity.