Monday, 5 May 2014

Pronator Teres: a forearm pronator

We're still in the forearm but we're moving away from the wrist flexor group and heading into pronator town! Meet PRONATOR TERES:

 Lives on the anterior (front) surface of your forearm - just below the elbow !
Visually to me, Pronator Teres looks like a 'sash' ribbons one would wear if perhaps they were a ..."pro" at something ? ;) that's how I remember anyway!

 Pronator Teres Muscle Attachment Points:

Origin(s): (two heads)
a) Humeral Head:  medial supracondylar ridge and the medial epicondyle of the humerus
b) Ulnar head:  Coranoid process of the Ulna

aka: just above & below the elbow on the inside > then in crosses over to...

Insertion:  middle 1/3 of the lateral radius (that forearm bone on the 'thumb-side' of the forearm)
(it actually inserts right next to where your bicep muscle inserts!)

 Pronator Teres Muscle Actions:

a) pronation of the forearm at the radio ulnar joint  (see below*)
b) flexion of the forearm at the elbow joint (arm bending in half)

*Pronation is act of flipping your hand from facing UP (supinate/supination)
to facing DOWN (to pronate/pronation)

Another common association to remember the muscle action pronation/supination is that when you're holding a bowl of soup you must supinate your forearm/hand but if you are 'prone to spill it' ! Get it?