Monday, 14 April 2014


We're talking about BRACHIORADIALIS  this week- a forearm muscle!

Aka " the beer drinking muscle" or the "hitchhiking muscle" (you'll know why soon!)

BRACHIORADIALIS starts just above your elbow joint and travels down the "thumb side" of your forearm attaching to the tip of that arm bone (the radius!) at the wrist!

Official attachment points:
from the proximal 2/3 of the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus TO THE styloid process of the radius.
1. FLEXION of the Forearm at the Elbow (aka: bending your arm > because the muscle CROSSES the elbow joint it can do this!) - elbow joint aka "humero-ulnar joint"

2. PRONATION of the Forearm at the radio-ulnar joint* (aka: flipping your palm Down)

3. SUPINATION of the forearm at the radio-ulnar joint* (aka: flipping your palm UP! - in school we were taught "SOUPination" (as in to hold a hot bowl of soup would you would be "palms up" as opposed to Pronation (palms down)

Here's a VISUAL of all 3 actions:

*RADIO-ULNAR joint: this is the point just below your elbow where your two forearm bones meet and cross > the radius and the ulna bone)
So are you starting to see why the BRACHIORADIALIS muscle is aka: "the beerdrinking" or "hitchhiking" muscle ? You wouldn't be able to do either with out the help of Brachioradialis! (the action of Pronation pours the drink and bending the elbow (flexion) brings the drink to your mouth! And you couldn't hitch-hike without flipping up that thumb (supination!)