Monday, 31 March 2014


Today we're going to talk about an anterior, superficial neck muscle that 
I almost left behind! PLATYSMA! 
Anterior meaning that its on the FRONT of the neck and Superficial meaning that it sits on top all the other (deeper) neck muscles aka 'its the one closest to your skin'
 Platysma starts on the face and like most facial muscles > is thin and wide and known as an "integumentary muscle", meaning that instead of connecting/attaching to Bones, they Embed within the connective tissue and skin just above. 

OFFICIAL attachment points: starts at the base of the mandible (jaw) spanning down the front and side of the neck > embedding onto the fascia covering the super 

Platysma goes virtually un-noticed if it wasn't for its 'claim to fame' when contracted..
 When contracted, this thin sheet of muscle has the ability to create the infamous "creature from the black lagoon" expression (see photo attached)

Not only is Platysma responsible for this attractive tightening of the neck fascia (connective tissue), it also assists in lower the mandible (the jaw) because it attaches onto the lower portion of the jaw!  
Go ahead - find a mirror and get your swamp monster on!